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How To Choose Car Engine Oil?
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Automobile oil has the functions of lubrication, sealing, cleaning and heat dissipation. The maintenance and maintenance of the car are not powered by the engine oil. So how to choose the engine oil is the care of the car?

What kind of lubricant oil is the most suitable for your car?


The expensive one must be the best. The most important thing is the base oil. 80% of the lubricating oil is the base oil. Only the high quality base oil can produce better lubricating oil to help the engine reduce wear. Extend life, and also extend the car oil change cycle, reduce the frequency and difficulty of maintenance and repair. Therefore, the choice of engine oil mainly depends on the base oil. The good base oil as a raw material has a strong high-low temperature viscosity retention performance, can form a sufficient oil film on the engine surface, has excellent wear resistance, and can ensure that the engine is in the engine. It operates freely in extremely warm environments.

Does the original engine oil need to be replaced?


Although manufacturers have to calculate the cost, performance and price factors, but there is always a bottom line, so the original engine oil is generally cost-effective, it can certainly ensure that the vehicle can reach the basic ideal working condition. In fact, a car is not the most suitable for the best, the most expensive engine oil, manufacturers use 0W-30 or 5W-40 and other markings of oil, is the engineer's precise calculation, entered the field test results, so if you change The engine  oil should also be replaced according to the actual conditions of the vehicle. Of course, if you live in the cold northeast region, it is recommended to use 0W-20 engine oil. If you live in hot Hainan, you need to use 10W-40 oil, so you need to change the oil according to the area where you live. To replace it.


Do you use different engine oils in summer and winter?

In the winter, everyone must cover the quilt. In the summer, it may be just that you can use nothing to cover. So you can change the oil in the season, but this is not a necessary solution. This is not the case with so many people who are willing to change winter tires in winter. If you care about maintaining the vehicle, you can change the oil according to the season. If you think that this is too much trouble, you can use the oil of the four seasons.