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How To Choose Car Perfume
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Recently, vehicle perfume has been continuously exposed in the range of automotive peripheral products, and its attention rate has continued to rise. But with the high exposure rate, the problem has been exposed gradually. The quality problem of perfume seat itself is worrying.


Car perfume carrier glass bottle is very easy to let the perfume inside due to uneven heat and deterioration, many car perfume because of poor quality containers, eventually "discoloration", such a problem so that car perfume also has a notorious reputation.


For those who want to buy perfume, they can distinguish poor car perfume. First, regular car perfume is quite delicate, while inferior automobile perfume is relatively rough. Second, inferior car perfume is often not marked with Chinese manufacturers, production addresses, production days. Period, usage, precautions and so on; fourth, inferior vehicle perfume is easy to leak after exposure to sunlight, and the color will gradually turn white, and regular car perfume will not appear this phenomenon. In addition, regular car perfume packaging has regular product descriptions, production license numbers, etc.


Choose a good car perfume and pay attention to the style of the vehicle. The advanced vehicle perfume is diversified in shape. The general principle is to pay attention to the unity of the shape of the car perfume and the overall style of the interior decoration. The appearance of the perfume is suitable for the design of the vehicle itself, so that the interior space of the car can be refined, and the taste of the individual can be better embodied.