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How To Choose Car Perfume Through Fragrance
- Jan 01, 2019 -

When choosing a auto perfume, you can ask yourself some questions, such as: What kind of flower or flower fragrance do you like in life, what color do you like most? You can think carefully about which of the smells you have smelled has created the most comfortable and harmonious moment to determine your position. Here are some tips for buying a car perfume:

car perfume

1. Get up early, smell the best in the morning, the nose has not smelled other things, very sensitive.

2. Put on your favorite clothes. This car perfume counter lady (if you are experienced) can easily recommend the car perfume that suits you according to your image and temperament.

3. Before buying a car perfume, don't sprinkle other perfumes on your body. Don't use scented cosmetics, because the fragrance will interfere with your sense of smell.

4. Prepare a few small handkerchiefs or a few pieces of flannel, which will be used to test the car perfume. When you can't decide on the spot, you can go home and listen carefully.

5. Have enough time and decide which one to buy after careful consideration. First, smell the handkerchief of the perfume. If it can arouse your interest, it is the taste you like.

6. Then go out for a lap and return after a few hours. It will give you plenty of time to experience the perfume.

7. Don't try to smell a variety of perfumes, the nose will produce a tired feeling, at most you can only taste five fragrances.

8. The same brand of car perfume, if the flavor content is different, the fragrance is also different, so try it. Rich perfumes contain the highest amount of flavor, although they are expensive, they are long-lasting and lasting.

9. Finally, it is up to you to decide whether to buy which auto perfume, do not seek the advice of the companion or salesperson. Choosing a car perfume is a purely personal matter. Even if you are a life partner, don't force him to choose car air freshener with you.