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How To Choose The Car Interior Perfume? What Are The Skills?
- May 29, 2018 -

Many car owners like to put perfume in the car, refresh the air inside the car, In addition to choosing perfumes based on personal preferences, they also need to pay attention to the appearance, smell, season, etc. Choosing the right one is the best. What should I pay attention to when choosing a car perfume?

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First, we need to know that the appearance of pure car air freshener is fine, the car perfume bottle mouth turns smoothly, and the appearance is clearly marked. The appearance of inferior car perfumes is relatively rough, and the bottle mouth is more astringent. There are often no Chinese descriptions, company names, business addresses and contact information, methods of use, and precautions on the outer packaging. Most of the emergency disposals are not described in Chinese.

Second, the smell of auto perfume in the car should not be so intense that it would only mix with the musty smell to make it even more unpleasant. Therefore, it is best to choose a neutral, lighter fragrance in the summer. For people who are driving for a long time, consider refreshing mint flavors.

Third, The pure and high-quality car perfume can bring people a fresh, pleasant feeling. The inferior car freshener is mostly blended chemical products that evaporate quickly and smell pungently. Poor car perfume is prone to liquid leakage after sun exposure, and the color gradually turns white. Pure car perfume does not appear this way.