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How To Distinguish A Bottle Of Perfume
- Oct 03, 2018 -

A perfume is a mixture of essential oils, fixatives and alcohol used to create a lasting, pleasant smell in a car. At present, it has become an object of increasing concern for car owners.In the face of various and colorful automobile perfumes, how should we distinguish the quality of car perfumes?

Perfume should choose clear transparent and bright, this method differentiates high quality perfume is very effective.Generally speaking, perfumes made from natural spices are the color of the spices themselves and are mostly amber or brown.The essential oils of flowers, such as daffodils and roses, are generally green and brown, yellow or white.High quality perfume without any precipitation, is the color clear transparent, high definition of the liquid.If used for a long time, the color of the perfume will not change.But the perfume with higher alcohol concentration can appear the condition with darker and darker color, this is because the alcohol in the perfume evaporates to makes it stronger.

Taste is definitely the most important to identify the quality of perfume, high quality perfume pure, no pungent alcohol taste, and fragrance can last a period of time.Different fragrance, can make the stability of perfume has distinction somewhat.Special effect perfume its fragrance can hold 70 hours commonly, flower perfume is 60 hours control commonly.This is the quality of daily use of the fragrance persistence.When we choose the car perfume, cannot smell to bottle mouth directly however should use try balm paper, but cannot smell it right after you spray it.because the content of alcohol in perfume is as high as 80%, need to wait for alcohol to volatilize hind to be able to distinguish the actor and inferior of perfume, wait for time to be in commonly 5 minutes or so.

Most of the popular perfumes on the site are high in alcohol,the harm to the body is very big.The body is revolutionary capital, hope everybody can buy the car perfume that has quality assurance.

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