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How To Find Out The Tricks To Select Car Perfume, Far Away From Fake?
- Jun 09, 2018 -

1)       Do not choose flavor too thick, the flavor of car perfume is not too strong, can choose light odour, too strong perfume time is long meeting paralyze nervous system, cause olfactory obstacle even. The original car perfume formula is very complex, its aroma is leisurely and, in the tone, after the smell is different, even the light car perfume fragrance melted away all need a long time.

2)       Look from the exterior car perfume, first see whether there is water in the tube car perfume, if not, the amount and almost, almost is used, or in the tube will have the car perfume, in addition you invert the inside have sediment, if there is possible adulteration, car perfume plant essential oil from plant extract, then using anhydrous alcohol in accordance with the proportion of plant essential oils and alcohol are organic liquid, they are compatible, there will be no precipitation, if water will become cloudy, because we all know that water is inorganic liquid, organic matter is not soluble in inorganic substances. But sometimes you may find car perfume will have impurities, may be very small fluff, but this can be at ease, because plant essential oil extraction to fine it will be a little impurity, but the risk is low. But be sure to distinguish between impurities and sediments.