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How To Properly Use Car Perfume It?
- Nov 21, 2018 -

    First of all, we need to look at the shelf life of product, if perfume is out of date, it will change the flavor and stability, so do not use expired perfumes.

    Second, try not to put perfume in the places easy to be exposed, some low-grade glass perfume after exposure,bottles are easy to rupture,causing pollution inside the car, cleaning is very troublesome.

    Finally, in terms of place, many people prefer to use bottled perfume, and stick it on the car’s central console,although play a decorative role, but the sticker for a long time remain in the center console will corrode panel and good cleaning.

    In addition, the placement of the bottle is particularly important, first of all,it can not block the driver's vision and can not be placed at the top followed by the airbag logo.At present on the market there are some woody perfume pendant, perfume pendant hung up not too long, or its sway can affect the driver's driving while the car is moving.We recommend owners use charcoal bag, grapefruit peel,and so on to instead of perfume, environmentally friendly and there is no security risk.

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