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How To Use Hanging Car Perfume
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Nowadays, the automotive market is active, including the active market of car perfumes, especially the hanging car perfume. Looking at this array of car accessories, owners have started to “just around the corner”, so before the owners purchase hanging air freshener, Let car owners have a better understanding of hanging air freshener for cars.

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Perfume is often a kind of thing that can lead you to a pleasant mood and a supreme experience. After savoring the finish of this fragrance, there will be new discoveries and new feelings. The perfect combination of floral, fruity and green notes creates an extraordinary scent for you. Bring people fresh and elegant spiritual realm and comfortable soul enjoyment. To give you a hard time to enjoy, only you are in the car, meditation to experience, to understand the true meaning of perfume brought to you.

The real car hanging perfume cannot contain alcohol, a bottle of liquid about 5ml, especially in the car in the summer when the temperature is high, if it contains alcohol, it will be less than a week away. The volatile nature of the pendant aroma is very small, the purpose is to control his use of time, so that the volatile flavor evenly and permanently, this feature determines the characteristics of the hanging air freshener.

How to use the car hanging air freshener: Pour the perfume onto a wooden cover or lanyard. When you perform this step, you can see that the perfume on the top of the cover is oozing out. Come out, so that the essential oil will be evenly distributed through the surface of the wooden cover or lanyard. After waiting for a while to see the surface of the wooden cover or the essential oil on the lanyard dried, the fragrance in the vehicle will be lightened, and the same action will be repeated. This way, a bottle of about 5ml of decorative aroma can distribute the fragrance more than two or three months without interruption.

When thinking about what to use, think about how to use it effectively, how to use it to maximize its advantage, etc. This can be used to get different results.