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How To Wax The Car
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Car waxing, as a traditional project of car beauty, the role of waxing is first of all waterproof, acid rain, followed by high temperature and ultraviolet light, car wax can be anti-static, of course, also dustproof. Car wax can also play the role of glazing, making the car look newer and better.

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Car waxing method:

1. Clean the car. In order to ensure the waxing effect, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned before waxing to remove dust, oil and other debris from the paint surface of the car.

2. Waxing. Waxing can be divided into manual waxing and mechanical waxing. Manual waxing is simple and easy, and mechanical waxing efficiency is high. Whether it is manual or mechanical waxing, ensure that the paint surface is evenly applied. When hand waxing, first apply a proper amount of car wax on the sponge (special polyurethane waxing sponge, such as polyurethane waxing sponge, use an inappropriate sponge, if the texture is too hard, may cause scratches on the paint surface), then Apply in a certain order, each application should have a 1/5-1/4 coincidence with the upper application area to prevent leakage and ensure uniform application. When the wax is mechanically waxed, the wax is applied to the waxing machine sponge. The specific application process is the same as the manual. It is worth noting that the application at the edges, corners and edges should avoid exceeding the paint surface, and it is easier to grasp by hand in this aspect. .

3. Wipe

According to the description of different car wax, it can be wiped 3-5 minutes after general application. Usually, the non-woven fabric or the microfiber cloth is reciprocating linearly, and is pressed with appropriate force to remove the remaining wax and improve the gloss of the paint. After repeated wiping, the car wax is ready.