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Identification Of Lubricating Oil
- Dec 20, 2018 -

During the use of lubricating oil, some bulk oils deteriorate due to improper storage. Therefore, to master more of the identification method of deteriorating lubricating oil, it will provide more protection for safe oil.

First, the oil flow observation method: take two measuring cups, one of which contains the lubricating oil to be inspected, the other is placed on the table, and the measuring cup filled with lubricating oil is lifted off the table 30-40 cm and tilted to let the lubricating oil Slowly flow into the empty cup and observe its flow. The quality of the lubricating oil is slender, uniform and continuous; if the flow rate is suddenly and slowly, and sometimes there is a large flow, the lubricating oil has deteriorated.

Second, the hand rubbing method: the lubricating oil is rubbed repeatedly between the thumb and the index finger, the better lubricating oil has lubricity, less wear debris, no friction; if there is a large friction between the fingers, such as sand, It indicates that there are many impurities in the lubricating oil, which can no longer be used. The new lubricating oil should be replaced.

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Third, the light method: on a clear day, use a screwdriver to pick up the lubricant, at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal, in contrast to the sun, observe the oil droplets. Under illumination, it can be clearly seen that there is no wear in the lubricating oil; if there is too much grinding debris, it should be replaced.

Fourth, oil droplets trace method: take a clean white filter paper, a few drops of oil, after the oil leaks, if the surface has black powder, touched by hand has a sense of blockage, it means that there are a lot of impurities inside the lubricant, good The lubricating oil has no powder, and it is dry and smooth by hand, and the trace is yellow.