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If Car Perfume Is Harmful To Health
- May 25, 2018 -

Many people who love cars like to put a bottle of car perfume in the car, which can not only cover up the smell, but also reveal their personality. But, the quality of all kinds of automobile perfume brand is mixed, the price is different, a lot of car fresheners do not even have manufacturer and producing area. Concerned personage points out, use these inferior automobile perfume, can cause serious injury to nerve, pharynx, lung, liver and other organs, long-term contact can cause cancer.

Experts suggest that to improve the air inside the car, the car must first remove the odor root. Really like the inside of the car has fragrance, want to wait for the inside of the car air clean after nature, go to buy the natural car perfume that a few regular manufacturer produces again. Remind: select good perfume For people to buy car perfume, there are four ways to distinguish inferior car perfume: first, car perfume packaging is quite delicate, and inferior car freshener packaging is relatively coarse; Secondly, there is often no manufacturer, production address, production date, usage method and matters needing attention marked in Chinese on the packaging of inferior automobile perfume. The 3rd, inferior automobile perfume volatilizes quickly, fragrance is more pungent, and formal automobile perfume is odour pure and fresh and lasting; Fourth, inferior perfume of car of inferior quality is insolate in the sun after appear easily leak liquid phenomenon, color can become white gradually, and formal perfume of car won't appear this kind of phenomenon. In addition, there are formal product description, production license number on the regular auto perfume packaging.