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Precautions For Buying Perfume
- May 14, 2018 -

Selection of car perfume first from the appearance of car perfume, the appearance of regular perfume, and the appearance of inferior perfume is relatively rough, high-quality perfume bottle rotation smooth, while the inferior quality is more astringent. Secondly, from the point of view of the outer packaging of car perfume, there are often no Chinese descriptions, company names, business addresses and contact information, methods of use, precautions, etc. on the packaging of counterfeit and inferior perfumes. Most of the emergency disposals are not described in Chinese. Japanese/Korean. Once again, from the taste of the car perfume, the fragrance is also one of the criteria for distinguishing between authenticity and inferiority. Usually, the inferior compound product has a quick volatility and pungent aroma, while the pure and high-quality perfume can give people a fresh and happy feeling. . In addition, poor quality perfumes are prone to liquid leakage after exposure to sunlight, and the color gradually changes to white, while pure perfumes do not appear. Finally, it should not be overlooked that formal products have formal product descriptions, production license numbers, and signs of certification by the quality supervision department.