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The Advantage Of Lubricating Oil
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The fully synthetic engine oil has an extremely stable molecular structure, which makes the oil have superior oxidation stability;

S1-46B-2 gasoline engine oil.jpg

Superior wear resistance for extended engine life;

The base oil component synthesized by high-tech means that even if the vehicle is parked for a long time, the lubricating oil film formed under the action of the synthetic oil is closely attached to the surface of the metal part, thereby making the starting easy and greatly reducing even under heavy load. Wear and tear. Ensure that the oil has a very low volatilization loss in the high temperature environment of the engine;

Unique anti-friction agent to ensure excellent lubricating properties of the oil, low volatility and thermal stability of the synthetic base oil to reduce volatility can significantly reduce fuel consumption;

All-weather oil can be used at -30°C--- 50 °C ambient temperature;

Unique micro-phosphorus formula to protect the three-way catalytic converter;

It does not thicken at very low temperatures, its heat resistance is higher than that of natural engine oil, and the oil change interval of synthetic engine oil is longer than mineral oil.

Synthetic oil retains viscosity and lubrication after extended periods of time, plus its unique wear resistance extends the life of all moving parts, greatly reducing engine maintenance and overhaul.

Both laboratory and drive tests have shown that this fully synthetic engine oil combines viscosity, lubrication, volatility and cleanliness to maximize engine protection and minimize friction and fuel consumption.

Semi-synthetic lubricants/mineral lubricants are basically suitable for general public users.