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The Challenges Facing China's Car Perfume Market
- Sep 17, 2018 -

The current situation and industry problems of China's car perfume market, car perfume, with the exquisite shape and aroma taste is more accepted and loved by more car owners, and with the promotion of manufacturers, channels and media, car perfumes have entered the owner's life, once popular in the market.

Nowadays, due to the cooling of the automobile market and the intensification of market competition, the car perfume industry's prosperity has declined. With the explosive growth of private car ownership, car perfumes have once been sought after by the market. High-quality car perfume has a long-lasting fragrance and can kill bacteria. The inferior car perfume has too high alcohol and ethanol content, and the fragrance is too rich, which makes people feel dizzy and other discomfort.


China's car perfume market is huge, but in recent years, it is also facing bottlenecks in development. Industry analysts pointed out that car perfumes are more popular and favored by more car owners with their exquisite style and fragrant taste, and are promoted by manufacturers, distributors and media. Under the car perfume has fully entered the owner's life, once popular in the market. Today, due to the cooling of the automobile market and the intensification of market competition, the car perfume industry has a decline in prosperity.


Car fragrances are generally refined and screened by perfumers on natural synthetic fragrances. The flavors are blended according to a certain proportion. The fragrance is long-lasting, some are extracted from natural fragrances, and have sterilization and odor. The role. In addition to the scent, it is also a good interior decoration small piece, which is active in the car atmosphere and improves driving pleasure. From 2003 to 2007, it was a golden period of industry development. Global automotive after-sales brands and related projects entered the Chinese market. At the same time, local brands also grew and matured, pushing industry development to a climax.


Today, the private car market is saturated, and more and more cities have introduced car purchase restrictions, and the growth rate has begun to decline. The market for car perfumes was also affected by this, and it was slightly cold, which made sales in this market begin to be blocked. The market is no longer a seller's market for car perfumes. In addition, due to the lack of industry standards, the threshold for entering the car perfume is low, and the disadvantages of some car-filled and perfumed car perfume bottles have begun to stand out. The shuffling of the car perfume bottle market is inevitable. Has inevitably become a serious injury to the development of the industry


After the peak period of development, the perfume automobile industry has gradually entered a stable period. In the situation of facing industry transformation, enterprises are facing greater pressure and competition. They do not have the ability to develop, design and mass production, and enterprises that are naturally close to the market are facing The danger of eliminating the exit. Relevant enterprises should increase investment in independent research and development and design.