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The Classification Of Hanging Car Perfume
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Car perfume hanging is divided into two broad categories:

1.Liquid hanging perfume

Liquid hanging car perfume is generally a liquid that is blended and screened by a perfumer on a natural synthetic fragrance. The fragrance is blended according to a certain proportion. The fragrance is long-lasting, and some are flavors extracted from natural fragrances. It has the function of sterilization and odor removal.

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2. Solid hanging car air freshener

The solid car fragrance hanging mainly mixes the essence with some materials and then press-forms, which fundamentally solves the problem that the liquid hanging perfume is easy to leak, so that the majority of the owners do not have to worry about the leakage of the car perfume. The cleaning problem brought to the car. At the same time, the solid car perfume hanging has the same function of sterilization and odor as the liquid car pendant perfume. Generally, this type of perfume can be used for about two months.