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The Difference Between Car Oil And Perfume
- Aug 04, 2018 -

With the popularity of car aromatherapy essential oil in the market, most of the owners are not strange, it not only can rise to decorate the action of car, at the same time also can purify the air inside the car, to build a qingxiang pleasant driving environment for the owners, so much in the market the majority of owners love! But a lot of people are very puzzled about the difference between automobile aromatherapy oil and automobile perfume, what is the difference?


In simple terms, the car is the nature of aromatherapy oil volatilization fumigation put plant essential oil extraction at low temperature in a particular container, easy to put in the car, it smell will spread to all parts of the car, achieve the goal of improving in-car air quality and sterilization.

The essence of the essential oils extracted from plants, it not only has the special flavor, but also can have the effect of refreshing, car aromatherapy oil is oily, with car perfume have substaintial distinction. Its fragrance is also very light, but it can purify the dirty air by slowly volatilizing the fragrance, while the ordinary automobile perfume does not have such function.


Automobile aromatherapy essential oil has all the functions of general automobile perfume, it can also play the role of purifying the air quality in the car, so automobile aromatherapy essential oil has its own unique advantages.