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The Difference Between Car Perfume And Ordinary Perfume
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Perfume has become an indispensable thing in our lives. The smell of fragrance makes us more attractive and the mood is also good! So what is the difference between car perfume and ordinary perfume?

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1. Definition: Car perfumes are generally refined and screened by perfumers on natural synthetic spices. The flavors are blended in a certain proportion. The aroma is lasting, and some of the spices extracted from natural fragrances also have Sterilize the role of odor. Perfume (human body perfume) is a liquid mixed with essential oils, fixatives and alcohol to give the object (usually the body part) a long lasting and pleasant taste.


2. Role: The role of car perfume is more to highlight the role of fresh air and the removal of odor bacteria. Car perfumes mainly include three types: aerosol, liquid and solid. Perfume (human body perfume) is more of a kind of decoration, like human clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, etc., dressing up yourself, delighting people, and playing a finishing touch to the whole body.


3. Fragrance Dispersion: The fragrance of the car perfume is gradually faded from the thick to the tasteless, and it is a basic fragrance from beginning to end. Over time, the fragrance of the human body is constantly evaporating. The volatilization rate of various spices is different, and it also causes different fragrances in different time periods. That is, the top notes of the top notes, the middle notes and the tail notes are the three basic flavor stages.


4. Perfume use method: Car air freshener is mostly liquid volatile type, solid volatile type and spray type. Most of the human body perfume is sprayed with liquid.