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The FAQ Of Automotive Spray Paint
- Oct 25, 2018 -

First, the keyword: gag

main reason:

1. The paint liquid is not fully shaken before painting, causing the pigment deposited on the bottom of the tank to block the nozzle during spraying;

2. Excessive force of shaking the paint before spraying, causing the stirrer (glass beads) to break and block the nozzle;

3. After the spray is used, there is no inverted cleaning nozzle, which causes the nozzle paint to dry and block the nozzle;

4. Inverted or side down during storage, the pigment in the paint precipitates and blocks the discharge hole of the valve;

5. For products that exceed the shelf life, the contents of the product are coarsely blocked by the valve discharge hole.

Spray paint


1. Shake the paint well thoroughly before spraying;

2. Master the normal method of shaking the paint to avoid excessive force when shaking the paint;

3. If the spraying process is not completed, it should be sprayed for 3 seconds by inverting the paint can, and then remove the remaining paint of the nozzle before storing it to ensure the normal use next time;

4. Be careful not to invert or side cans during storage.

Correction method:

1. Shake the paint and then spray the cans for 3 seconds to flush the blocked nozzle with gas.

2. Replace the new nozzle.

Second, the spray can not be completed (spray pressure drops)

main reason:

1. Back spray phenomenon during spraying;

2. The paint can is too inclined when painting, and the inclination angle exceeds 45o;

3. The automatic spray storage time is too long, exceeding the shelf life;

4. The direction of the pipe of the valve is opposite to the direction of the nozzle hole.


1. Master the correct spraying technology to avoid side spray;

2. Avoid the inclination angle of the paint can over 45o when spraying;

3. Avoid the use of expired paint products;

4. When spraying to the remaining 20%, when the spray feels that the concentration of the discharge is not enough (the spray is mainly propellant), rotate the nozzle at 180o and continue to use.

Correction method:

1. When it is found that the spray pressure drops, try to spray the paint as soon as possible;

2. If the spraying pressure is insufficient and the temperature is low, the paint can be heated and sprayed in a 50 °C water bath.

Third, the paint viscosity is too low (the paint liquid is not enough)

main reason:

1. The paint liquid is not shaken evenly before spraying;

2. When the spray tank is tilted at an excessive angle, the gas content in the spray is high, and the paint liquid is diluted; 3. The weather on the spray site is cold and the temperature is too low; 4. The spray coating site lacks heating equipment and the air circulation is not good; 5. One-time spraying is too thick (flash color). Precautionary measures: 1. Master the correct spraying technology to avoid back spray and oblique spray; 2. Avoid rainy, wet and cold weather construction. Correction method: Apply at room temperature or put the touched workpiece into the heating equipment of 50 °C-60 °C.