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The Functions Of Car Wax
- Oct 31, 2018 -

There are many kinds of car wax with different functions.They usually have the following one or several functions. 

(1) Waterproof effect Vehicles are often exposed to the air, unavoidable by the wind and rain. When water droplets remain on the surface of the car body, when the weather clears up and the sun shines strongly, each small water drop is a convex lens. Under its focusing effect, the temperature at the focal point reaches 800-1000 degrees Celsius, resulting in dark spots on the paint surface, greatly affecting the quality and service life of the paint. In addition, water droplets are prone to rust on exposed metal surfaces. 

(2) High temperature resistance The anti-high temperature function of wax is to produce effective reflection to the incident light from different directions to prevent the aging and discoloration of paint surface or primer. 

(3) Antistatic effect There are two main sources of static electricity in automobiles, one is the friction of fiber fabrics, such as carpets, seats, clothing and so on; the other is the friction between the dust in the air and the metal surface of the car body during the driving process. No matter what causes static electricity, it brings inconvenience and even harm to occupants. The antistatic effect of wax is mainly embodied in the electrostatic prevention of watches. Its principle is to isolate dust and metal friction of watches. Because the thickness of the wax coating and the adhesion of the wax itself are different, the anti-static effect of the wax is different. Generally, the anti-static wax is better than the ordinary wax in blocking dust and paint friction. 

(4) Anti ultraviolet action In fact, the anti-ultraviolet effect of vehicle wax and its anti-high temperature effect are parallel, but in sunlight, because of the characteristics of ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light is easier to refract into the paint, ultraviolet wax fully consider the characteristics of ultraviolet light, so that the damage to the watches can be minimized. 

(5) Glazing effect Polishing is the most basic role of wax, waxed vehicles, can improve the brightness of its surface, so that the body to restore a bright natural color. 

(6) Grinding and polishing When scratches appear on the surface of the paint, the wax can be polished and polished.