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The Main Role Of Car Wax
- Sep 27, 2018 -

1.Waterproof effect

Cars are often exposed to the air, and are inevitably exposed to wind and rain. Car wax can reduce the adhesion of water droplets on the paint surface by 60%-90%. Car wax can further flatten the water droplets remaining on the paint surface. It can reduce the dark spots, erosion and damage of paint on the surface caused by the strong sunlight.

2. Anti-high temperature effect

The anti-high temperature effect of the car wax is to effectively reflect the incident light from different directions, prevent the incident light from penetrating the transparent paint, causing the aging paint to change color and prolong the service life of the paint surface.

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3. Anti-ultraviolet effect

In fact, the anti-ultraviolet effect of car wax is parallel with its anti-high temperature effect, except that the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are more easily refracted into the paint surface, and the anti-UV car wax fully considers the characteristics of ultraviolet rays, causing damage to the car watch. reduce.

4. Anti-static effect

There are two main types of static electricity in automobiles: one is the friction generated by chemical fiber and silk fabric such as carpet, seat, and clothing; the other is that the dust in the air and the paint on the body are rubbed together during the driving process. The static electricity generated by any cause causes inconvenience and even damage to the driver and passenger. The anti-static effect of car wax is mainly to block the friction between air and dust and the paint surface of the body. By waxing, not only can the static electricity of the car surface be effectively prevented, but also the adhesion of charged dust to the car watch can be greatly reduced.

5. Gloss effect

Glazing is one of the most basic functions of car wax. After waxing the vehicle, it can improve the smoothness of the paint surface to varying degrees, and restore the body to a bright color.

6. Grinding and polishing

When the body paint surface has shallow scratches, abrasive polishing wax can be used. If the scratches are not serious, the polishing and waxing operations can be completed in one operation.

7. Other effects

In addition to the above functions, car wax also has the functions of preventing acid rain and salt spray. When selected, it can be flexibly controlled according to needs, so that waxing can be done with half the effort.