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The Maintenance Of Car Perfume
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Car perfume is an important part of the car interior. From the very beginning, it is a bottle containing car perfume to remove the smell inside the car. The main function is to hold the perfume. Later, he slowly focused on its decorativeity, from the original metal car perfume seat to the current crystal car perfume seat, cartoon car perfume seat material.

car air freshener

For metal or crystal car air freshener, because it needs to be more refined when making it. But metal things have a drawback, that is, after a long time, it will be dirty and faded, and the surface will be oxidized. So how do you clean it? The first is to put it in the ordinary cleaning agent after the water, but can not use alkaline, acidic, alcohol-based cleaning solution, then use a soft brush or hand to clean, then rinse with water, put it in a dry the area to dryness, then wipe the water above to dryness. Then put it in the sun for a few minutes, let the crystal fully absorb the essence of the sun, such crystal will look more crystal clear.