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The Method For Cleaning Engine By Engine Surface Cleaner
- Oct 11, 2018 -

{1} Clean the surface of the engine from dust and oil: The exterior of the engine can be dedusted with a brush or compressed air, and then scrubbed with a suitable external cleaner. Note that you cannot use gasoline instead of a special cleaning agent to wash the engine exterior.

engine surface cleaner.jpg

{2}Handling surface rust stains: For rust spots on metal surfaces such as cast iron, early treatment should be found early, and treatment should be carried out when small spots are formed, so as to prevent the spots from expanding and it is difficult to eat. It can be sprayed on the rust spot with a rust remover and then scrubbed.

{3}Cleaning the engine electrical circuit section: Parts of the engine electrical circuit section should be cleaned with a specific care product. If it is treated with long-term water and ordinary detergents, it can only accelerate the aging of its plastic casing and harness rubber, affecting the start and travel of the car.