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The Quality Identification Of Car Perfume
- Jul 19, 2018 -

1. Judging the quality of a good car air freshener from the smell, a good car perfume is generally softer, even if it is rich, there is no pungent feeling, it smells very comfortable.

2, high-quality car perfume fragrance is pure and can last for a while. The longer the perfume stays, the better the quality of the car freshener (you can try to drop a little in the vein after purchase, pay attention to the change of taste and fragrance time), the fragrance time of the perfume is generally 2-4 hours, perfume Should be more than 4 hours, the most powerful seems to be able to reach more than 1 day? In the same EDT and EDP, the longer the fragrance is the better. A good car perfume, coated with one or two drops, the overflowing fragrance is still smelling overnight.

3,The good car perfume fragrance is divided into several levels, front, middle, and later.

Top note: When opening the perfume bottle, the first scent we smell is the top note, which is the most volatile ingredient in the perfume, giving the initial overall impression.

Middle note: The middle note is the most important part. It appears with the previous tone, emitting the main fragrance of the perfume, sometimes called the theme tune.

After the adjustment: The latter is the slowest in the perfume, the longest lasting time, is the summary part of the overall perfume. Each level of the fragrance will have a different effect, taste it with her heart!

4, health

A good car air freshener should be harmless to the human body, environmentally friendly and non-polluting. The materials used should be taken from nature as much as possible. The masters carefully prepare each type of fragrance, which is environmentally friendly and beneficial to the human body.