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The Selection Method Brake Fluid
- Sep 20, 2018 -

First, since the seal in the brake system is a rubber wrist, chemical changes will occur in the brake fluid for a long time, causing the wrist to expand or contract, which affects the braking performance. Therefore, the brake with good compatibility with the rubber should be selected. oil.

The second is the high temperature performance, which is the ability of the brake fluid to resist air resistance at high temperatures, and is checked by the "balanced reflux point" indicator. The higher the equilibrium return point of a brake fluid, the better its high temperature performance, and the higher its quality level.

The third is the low temperature performance of the brake fluid, that is, the flow performance of the brake fluid at low temperatures, and the kinematic viscosity of the brake fluid at 40 ° C is used to examine. If the brake fluid viscosity is too high at this temperature, it will affect the transmission of the braking force.

Fourth, since many parts of the automobile brake system are made of metal materials, good brake fluids should be added with various anti-corrosion additives to prevent the brake system from being corroded.

Pay attention to the purchase of brake fluid:

First, try to purchase at a large qualified sales venue to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products. When replacing brake fluid, it is best to use professional equipment for replacement.

The second is to try to buy long-term manufacturers of brake fluid for the car manufacturers to ensure reliable quality and stable performance. Simultaneously,

Third, in the choice of types, it is best to choose synthetic brake fluid, do not buy alcohol brake fluid that has been eliminated.