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The Skill Of Buy And Put The Car Perfume
- May 26, 2018 -

1) how to buy perfume for cars

Most car owners only pay attention to appearance and fragrance when choosing perfume of car, seldom notice the quality of perfume and the influence to the body. Becomes the origin of the in-car air pollution and cheap perfume due to inferior car perfume fragrance and alcohol content is too high, too strong fragrance, easy to make the person produces dizziness and discomfort feeling, make the owner in a state of fatigue, affect the safe driving. If long-term use is more harmful to the body, such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, serious consequences will also appear olfactory retardation, impaired vision and other problems. Accordingly, the expert reminds consumer, when choosing perfume for car, must not be blinded by price and appearance.

Experts tell consumers, the main points of the resolution and inferior perfume is: first, the formal appearance quite delicate perfume, the false and inferior product is relatively rough, formal perfume bottle rotation smooth, feel and inferior products are a acerbity. On second, and inferior perfume packaging often do not have English and Chinese description, address and contact way, Chinese enterprises use method and matters needing attention and so on, emergency disposal are also not Chinese, more is Japanese, and Korean. Fragrance is also one of the criteria to distinguish true from false, usually inferior chemical products, perfume volatilizes quickly, aroma is more pungent, and pure perfume can bring a person pure and fresh and happy feeling. Inferior perfume is in the sun insolate after appearing easily to leak fluid phenomenon, color can become white gradually, and pure perfume won't appear this problem. Finally, it should not be ignored that normal products have formal product description, production license number and quality supervision department certification mark on the packaging.

2) place the perfume in the car correctly

Many car owners do not pay attention to the placement of perfume bottles, in fact, casual use is likely to become an unsafe factor. Experts suggest that the perfume stand should first be fixed to the front of the car or dashboard, or secured with anti-skid pads. If you're used to placing perfume bottles above the dashboard, try not to use metal-sensitive packages that reflect sunlight into your eyes and interfere with normal driving. It is particularly important to emphasize that the perfume holder should never be placed around the airbag. In case of an accident, the air bag that pops up will make it a small bomb, causing danger.

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