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The Use Of Car Perfume
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Keep the air inside the car clean, remove the odor inside the car, kill the fine bacteria, play the role of purifying the air.

 For drivers driving safety, it is able to create a in the narrow space inside the car travel.like amiable atmosphere, to keep sober and calm, which can reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.

Add inside car elegant interest, now the modelling of a lot of car with sweet taste is quite lovely, besides fragrance, still very good inside car decorates small piece, lively inside car atmosphere, improve drive fun.

Now common vehicle incense was mostly fine. Flavouring division according to vehicle incense should have clean air, sterilization, make the person happy, and other functions, the use of natural and synthetic spices, after repeated study deployment into essence. A kind or a few kinds of application compose essence, add different essence to base material by certain proportion again, can make car use sweet taste gives out all sorts of wonderful pleasant fragrance so. And the effect that car USES sweet taste to resist peculiar smell, clear brain, calm spirit is through the chemical composition of a kind of ferment in sweet taste comes finally realized.