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Tips of car perfume use
- Jul 04, 2018 -

As we all know, interior space is small,people may feel very uncomfortable after a long ride. So,car perfume became the popular choice of most car owner,still need to use it? Here let us talk more about the tips of car perfume use.

Frankly speaking,car perfume not only to eliminate odors, refreshing, it can be used as a beautiful decoration. In addition, some perfume relieving stress, refreshing effect.


1.car perfume use

Some people use car perfume frequently,like to put the perfume on the dashboard or at the air conditioning vent, use the flow of air, the fragrance will be filled with the whole car in a very short period of time , it is also very effective to remove odor.For liquid car perfume,sprinkled on a small amount of a handkerchief, then hung vents, with good results. Of course,if you choose the car vent air freshener,that will not so much trouble,it can be directly caught in the air conditioning vent.


2.Replace the replenisher attention

When you need to replace the flavor, not only need to remove the original carperfume, but also try to keep the original fragrance cleared.Because after different flavor mixing, not only can not reach the desired effect,but counterproductive, and sometimes makes the occupant feel uncomfortable, serious affect the driver's mood, thus affecting driving safety.


3. Check the shelf life of car perfume

When using the car perfume for a long time,we need to check the shelf life to see whether it will expire, if you find it has expired, then please do not continue to be used,to re-purchase a new one when it is out of date. Here need to remind you that expired car perfume must throw away.expired perfume inside may be bad,and bad perfume could harmful for human,and it will pollute the environment.

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