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- Nov 03, 2018 -

1. The washer belongs to a low-pressure container, and the service pressure shall not exceed 6 kg / c ㎡;
2. Smoking and sparking at the construction site are strictly prohibited to avoid fire and explosion.
3. Flammable, explosive and other articles and fire sources are strictly prohibited from approaching the cleaner;
4, the workplace must be equipped with fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment and other fire fighting facilities;
5. Staff should wear goggles when working to prevent gasoline or cleaning agent from splashing into their eyes.
6, the work site should be ventilated, so as to avoid excessive inhalation of car exhaust;
7. Avoid fuel oil and cleaning agent leaking on engine components with high heat, such as generators, starting motors and high voltage lines, so as to avoid fire caused by electrical sparks.
8. If there is any leakage of fuel cleaning agent during operation, please check it immediately.
9. Handle with care during use. If there is any deformation, crack or wear on the head thread of the liquid storage bottle, it is forbidden.
11. Adjust the pressure regulating valve to the minimum position after each cleaning;
12. After each use, please drain the residual liquid in the liquid storage bottle and put the washer in the tool box or hang it in the ventilated place between the tools for the next use. Otherwise, the residual liquid will corrode the rubber cushion of the related rubber hose and affect the service life of the equipment