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Use Of Car Wax
- Aug 24, 2018 -

The scientific waxing procedure is as follows

(1)     car cleaning. In order to ensure the effect of waxing, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned

before waxing.

(2) wax. Wax can be divided into two kinds: manual wax and mechanical waxing. Manual wax is easy to handle. Both manual and mechanical waxing ensure that the paint is evenly spread. When the wax is made by hand, the appropriate amount of wax is first coated on the sponge (special wax sponge), and then it is smeared in a straight line in a certain order. Each smear should have a 1/5~1/4 overlap with the upper coating area to prevent the leakage and ensure the uniform smear. When the machine waxes, the vehicle wax is applied to the wax machine sponge, and the specific smearing process is identical with manual work. It should be noted that painting on edges, corners and edges should avoid painting over the surface, and manual painting is easier to grasp.

(3) polishing. According to the instructions of different vehicle wax, 5~10min can be polished after general application.

During polishing, the wax polishing principle is followed to ensure that the polished car table is not contaminated. The polishing operation usually uses non-woven cloth towels to move in a straight line and press properly to remove the remaining car wax. The earliest paraffin wax is a paraffin extracted from oil. Now the main component of the car wax is polyethylene emulsion or silicone polymer compounds, and contains oil and additives. However, because of the different additives in the wax, the morphology and properties of the wax are different.