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- Nov 30, 2018 -

Definition: coolant, also known as antifreeze, is composed of antifreeze additives and additives to prevent metal corrosion and water. It needs to be anti - freeze, anti - corrosion, thermal conductivity and invariant properties. Now often use ethylene glycol as the main component, plus anti-corrosion additives and water antifreeze. 

The engine cooling system of internal combustion vehicle is a liquid-cooled closed circulation system composed of cylinder, jacket and water tank. The working state of the cooling system directly affects the normal operation and service life of the vehicle. Antifreeze is the cooling medium of circulating cooling system of internal combustion engine. It is mainly composed of antifreeze, corrosion inhibitor, defoaming agent, colorant, mildew inhibitor, buffer and so on. With the development of automobile industry, the engine performance requirements also more and more high, not only requires antifreeze has a lower freezing point and high boiling point, but should also have good metal corrosion, cavitation resistance, anti fouling prevention, and pollution to the environment or polluting the environment, and have longer service life and so on aspects of the comprehensive performance. Many countries have done a lot of research on this, constantly launched the patent formula and excellent antifreeze products. The penetration rate of antifreeze in some advanced countries has reached 100 %. The popularity rate of domestic antifreeze is lower, the antifreeze that the market sells has considerable amount to be imported, because the price is higher, use at importing vehicle commonly. Although in recent years domestic antifreeze production has grown rapidly, but many products due to the lack of strict quality inspection and unified inspection standards. Therefore, it is necessary to absorb foreign advanced technology and combined with the reality of China, the development and production of multi-functional high-efficiency antifreeze fluid to meet the growing market demand.