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What Is Your Products Advantage?
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Classification of automotive perfume products

Car incense is generally for the synthesis of natural spices by flavourists after repeated extraction and selection, will all kinds of flavor according to certain proportion blended, fragrance lasting, have a plenty of extracted from natural fragrant spices, but also has the role of sterilization in addition to the peculiar smell.

It is known that until 2013, the commonly used incense products on the market were mainly divided into three types: aerosol, liquid and solid according to their ingredients. Aerosol car perfume mainly consists of essence and container, it can cover some special odor inside the car. Such as luggage odor, tobacco smell, fishy smell and small animal odor. But the volatile speed is extremely fast, often put in the container with artistic modelling, usable two to three months. Solid car fragrance products are mainly the essence mixed with some materials, and then pressure molding, generally available for about two months. In addition, there are also some use of media, such as fragrant flowers made of fragrant fabrics, art color pens made of scented ceramics, etc. can also be used as perfume products for cars.

According to the type of use is also divided into pendant perfume, perfume seat, tuyere perfume.