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What Kind Of Perfume Is Suitable For The Small Car?
- Jun 29, 2018 -

For car perfume, owner can change according to the change of season greatly.

Spring: spring temperature is relatively balanced, so type solid or liquid type can be, for choosing a taste, can choose pure and fresh and natural bias, conform to the vibrant spring breath.

Summer: generally speaking, buy solid perfume to give priority to. Although be opposite adornment that the effect that that respect may play is not very big, because most solid perfume modelling is not very much change. Liquid perfume is put inside vitreous container commonly, the appearance is changeful good-looking, but summer temperature is taller time suffers sunshine to shoot directly, very easy occurrence explosion. Solid fragrances don't have this concern. Also need not consider too much to the choice of fragrance, because the flavor of solid balm is lighter, suit boring summer.

Fall: the temperature in autumn is roughly the same as that in spring, but the only difference is that autumn is a rainy season and bacteria can easily grow in cars. Produce peculiar smell, so the choice that USES perfume to car especially important. When choosing, want to eliminate peculiar smell as main criterion.

Winter: the winter temperature is lower can choose liquid perfume, the owner that likes strong flavour people also can consider at this time. But those who want to be economical suggest using solid ones. Solid balsam is relatively cheap, lasts a long time, and gives off slowly.