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Why Does The Engine Require A Low Temperature Starting Agent To Start
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The low temperature starting agent solution can solve the problem that the weather-cooled coolant solidifies or is semi-solidified and cannot work normally, and the cylinder pressure sensor of the engine does not reach the specified value.

low temperature starting agent

The low temperature starting agent is a car accessory that contains compressed liquid to help the car start in harsh environments. The composition of the starting liquid is a low-flame point compound, mainly diethyl ether, which has a low flash point and is volatile, so that the engine can be started at a low temperature.

Due to its volatile nature and low ignition point, it can quickly and smoothly start the engine under severe weather conditions or under pressure of the cylinder, effectively preventing excessive loss of batteries and motors due to cold weather and insufficient cylinder pressure. And ignition switch. In the cold and cold, the engine start-up room can be shortened and the battery life can be extended. It can be sprayed into the cylinder to help start when the engine is difficult to start in winter.